Ropes Chains and Whips

I like to bind my slave in ropes and chains before giving her a stern whipping. I find the ropes and chains complement each other so very nicely. And the whipping is the icing on the cake. And if you like hot bondage sessions, you will definitely become a devotee of this movie once you’ve seen it for the first time. Do you love watching a slave squirm in pain and torment and fear? Do you love the feeling of power when you bind her nipples and torment her breasts? Then you must watch this!

Blondies Punishment

I really love punishing my blonde slave. Her tits are simply to die for. There is just something about the shape of her nipples that really turns me on. They are the perfect size and shape for tit torment. What’s YOUR idea of the perfect size and shape of boobs? What do YOU think makes for perfect nipples? I think for one thing they should be large enough to hold clamps easily, and protrusive enough that they’re easy to bite and to attach electrodes to for a little "shocking" treatment. Don’t you agree?

Breast Bondage Pain Machine

When my slave disobeys me I bring her to my lair and place her on my breast bondage torment machine. I get great satisfaction out of watching her tits get wrecked and ravaged by the machine. Just like in this movie. I understand that a female crew member on this shoot was experiencing such sympathy pains for the slave in the torment machine that she had to take a break from her work and go outside for the equivalent of a cigarette break (except that she doesn’t smoke). It was just too intense for her to watch!

dyed redhead with tattoos

Poor little dyed redhead. How purple are your tits as they are bound so tightly. Does it hurt sweetie pie? Well that is good. That is our intent. And do you like the black leather girdle we make you wear? Good, good. Not that we give a fuck about what you want at all. Once you are in our hands we will treat you any way we wish. Didn’t know what you were getting yourself into I bet. Well, when you dye your hair a funny red and have bold tattoos on your body you are telling us what kind of treatment you desire. Yes, we listen.